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Large Spaces

GPS recognizes the urgent need for safe, effective air purification solutions.

Large Spaces

Create a safer environment for large gatherings

Public gathering spaces such as arenas, auditoriums, churches, convention centers and stadiums often host many people within enclosed spaces, increasing the need for air purification solutions.

GPS patented NPBI® technology safely and effectively reduces airborne viruses and other pathogens while also making dust, pollen and other particles easier to capture in air filtration systems.

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Reduced Energy Costs

But that’s not the only issue that our technology addresses head-on. NPBI also tackles odor-causing VOCs. That means less outdoor air intake is required to keep things fresh. With lower air intake requirements, facilities can reduce upfront HVAC equipment costs and cut ongoing energy costs by as much as 30%.

Casino project

opening on the Las Vegas strip in 2021

Football stadiums and basketball arenas in Charlotte, Dallas, Denver and Tampa

Southeastern movie production studio

Over 200

houses of worship